There has been a lot of talk about Phil Jackson joining the ranks. Yes, he has lots of championship rings to add to his collection. He has a reputation which is somewhat big, when compared to lots of other people. However, the idea of Phil joining the Knicks has received somewhat of a mixed reaction.

Some feel that he can do the job, hands down. Others feel that he is the wrong choice for the job. Why not see what some of the insider say. Below you will find a few recounts by industry insiders. These recounts will hopefully shed some light, on whether or not Phil is actually up for the job or not.


Okay, so yes, Phil Jackson did get booed the first night of the draft. This happened in Brooklyn, of all places. You know how Brooklyn feels about it’s basketball, especially the Knicks team. Well, after a bit of a difficult beginning, Phil took Jerian Grant and shaped him into something worthwhile.

Phil even got people like Aarron Afflalo and Courtney Lee to the team. These two are considered to be something of a legend in their own time. Now, if this isn’t a successful run as the president, we don’t know what is. Take a look at another legend he was able to scoop away. The Knicks were able to get Brandon Jennings. If any of you have followed Brandon in the past, then you know what a successful scoop this really is.


Now, on the flip-side, there are those who feel that Phil is can’t do the job. They also feel that is not doing the job he is supposed to. Let’s take a look at a some examples of why some people feel this way.

Some say that he has no executive experience and/or training in his arsenal. Before being hired straight-away to the Knicks, this bit of solid information was found. If you are going to be an executive, an executive for any team, you have to have some sort of training. It’s not enough to deal with things on the court. You have to deal with the books, the paperwork and things of this nature. Things that some say Phil has no experience in.

Secondly, his on-court production is about 49-115. Now some say it’s not fair to put all of this on him. After all, he did inherit the Isiah Thomas issue. Many are saying this is not his fault, or entirely his fault. He is, however, still largely to blame for all of this.

Then there was the Derek Fisher drama. You guys remember him? He is the one that came with all the Kardashian drama. Now some feel that Derek created his own drama with this. However, Phil is the one who took him on. Many feel that this places some of the blame on him, too, whether he likes it or not.

Lastly, when Jackson went on vacation, he hired a person who is equal to elevator music to take his place. looking at all of these examples, it’s easy to see why some feel that Phil Jackson is incapable, at least in part, to doing the job correctly.


Maybe he will work out. Maybe he won’t. Only time will tell what will happen with Phil Jackson as part of the Knicks. Everyone has their good and bad points. Phil Jackson is a person, just like everyone else. He can’t be blamed entirely for all his faults, when we all have our own faults to contend with. Maybe he will surprised everyone and do a great job.

Stay tuned!