Hi guys!  I was born in Italy but moved to New York City in my late teens.  I quickly started following the New York Knicks and have been a die hard NBA fan ever since.  Even after attending university out of state I never lost my passion for the Knicks.

My wife has encouraged me to stop talking to her so much about basketball and write about it instead.  So, that is the main reason that I started my blog.  I can write as much as I need to about my New York Knicks and the NBA in general.

I’m not in this to earn a bunch of awards and get press.  I don’t do it full-time.  I typically watch nearly every game, but as life comes up I might miss a thing or two.  I won’t write daily, but I’m hoping for a few times per month.

If you want to provide me with any feedback I’d love to hear it.  If you have any specific requests on my thoughts on certain Knicks news, I’d be happy to write an article about it.  Just use the form below.

Thanks for stopping by!