When talking about the New York Knicks and the upcoming season, a person is left wondering why even bother as the team had a very bad season last year. There have been some serious off season moves that may be the saving grace for the team. One of these moves was hiring a new coach, along with picking up three new starters and nine players in total, the Knicks have a fighting chance to win at least 50 games this season and be a dominate force in the Eastern conference. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah are a couple of the lights that will shine brightly for New York this season.

Derrick Rose
There is a lot that can be said about Derrick Rose. There are plenty of off court headlines, but on the court is where he seems to make the biggest impact. After playing one season for the University of Memphis, Rose was drafted by the Chicago Bulls where he spent all of his professional career until he was traded to the Knicks at the end of last season. Rose is looking to bring a powerhouse of talent to the team this is something that they have desperately been in need of for a long time. Averaging 19 points per game, Rose should be back on track now that his legal issues are behind him, he will be ready to bring his skills to the basketball court in his new home the New York Knicks.

Joakim Noah
Noah is another addition to the Knicks team that will bring a lot of experience to the team. There is one advantage as Noah and Rose have played together on the Bulls team and so they are used to one another method of playing. This will bring a lot of experience to the court and allow the Knicks to have power in the positions that matter the most. This was another huge pick up for the team as they have not been living up to the expectations that President Phil Jackson had in mind when he took over the team in 2014. The addition of Joakim Noah is being looked at as a good move to bring the team together as Jackson is hoping.

Jeff Hornacek
Not all of the moves that have been made with the Knicks team has been based on the players. The Knicks needed a new coach and they may have found that leader with Jeff Hornacek. This is a man that is no stranger to the world of the NBA as he spent some time as a player for various teams before he retired and became a head coach. Before being hired by the Knicks, he spent two and a half seasons with the Phoenix Suns before he was fired in the middle of the season last year. In his time with the Suns, he amassed a record of 101-112. while this may not put a lot of confidence in fans of the Knicks, the team still feels that he is the right man for the job to take the team to a playoff appearance.


The New York Kincks are a team that if they settle down and can find their groove, then they will easily be able to dominate the Eastern Conference and actually be a name in the NBA once again. There may be a little rust on some of the players as they feel things out trying to get their groove. Once this happens, though, there will be no reason why the team won’t be able to take on all challengers and actually turn things around. 2016 will be one of the best years that the team has had in recent years, thanks to some intelligent off season moves.