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Meet the New Knicks: Rose & Noah

The New York Knicks go into the 2016-2017 NBA season looking to improve from last year. Derrick Fisher was the one that the team was looking to coach and guide the team but was fired in February. This season sees a new coach in Jeff Hornacek and two players that are looking to take the team back to the promised land. Here is a small look at two of the new New York Knicks players this season in Derrick Rose & Joakim Noah.

Derrick Rose has had one up and down ride since coming into the NBA in 2008. Rose was the number one selection overall in the NBA Draft of the Chicago Bulls that year. His career started off hot but the last couple of seasons have seen the Chicago native battle knee problems. During the first round of the 2011-2012 playoffs, Rose suffered a torn ACL and that injury has been plaguing him ever since. He would miss the entire next season and then the season after that suffered another torn knee ligament and would miss more time. The last two years have seen the Bulls slowly work Rose back into their game plan but in the offseason decided to let him go.

Joakim Noah was well noted in Chicago for being a hard nosed player. Ever since being drafted in the first round out of the University of Florida in 2007, Noah was a constant defensive force for the Bulls. A shoulder injury last year hampered the play of Noah. He would eventually lose his starting job and then in the offseason see himself signed to a free agent deal with the New York Knicks. The signing of Noah will bring the New York City native back to his home city which certainly will bring out the best in his play.

The Knicks come into the 2016-2017 season looking very good on paper. Carmelo Anthony and Kristaps Porzingis will certainly enjoy the addition of Rose and Noah to the lineup. The most important question for the Knicks and the rest of the sporting world is if Rose and Noah can stay healthy. That certainly cannot be said more about than Derrick Rose. His knee will certainly be a focus of all of the NBA pundits this season. When Derrick Rose is healthy, he can contribute mightily to a high caliber team. Noah will have to stay healthy as he will certainly be relied upon for his rebounding and defensive pressure. The addition to the Knicks lineup of Noah will certainly be able to free up the perimeter shooting and abilities of both Anthony and Porzingis.

The New Knicks in Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah will certainly play vital roles in New York this season. The most important thing for the team to reach success is ensuring that their new players stay healthy. If Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are able to stay healthy then the Knicks will have a solid shot at making the playoffs.

Better yet, if Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah are able to stay healthy this season, the New York Knicks will be contenders for the Eastern Conference championship and possibly a NBA world title.

Who Is Jeff Hornacek

Introducing Jeff Hornacek
Jeff Hornacek is no ordinary professional former basketball player. He was born on May 3, 1963. He is originally from Elmhurst, Illinois. He has an impressive basketball career to be proud of. His career began in 1986 as a professional basketball player. His playing career includes the following:

* Phoenix Suns; from 1986 until 1992
* Philadelphia 76ers; from 1992 until 1994
* Utah Jazz; 1994 until 2000

Hornacek has had an extraordinary basketball career. His career moved into coaching in the year 2011. When he left his player role, he brought an abundance of experience with him in his new role. He is currently the head coach in New York for the Knicks. He has the ability to coach and he can offer solid experience because he did play shooting guard in the NBA from 1986 until the year 2000.

An Educated Professional
Hornacek went to high school in Illinois. He then started playing for Johnny Orr at Iowa State University from the years 1982 until 1986. He excelled and went on to become an all-conference-player.

His college experience held many shining moments on the courts. It was apparent that winning ways would follow Hornacek for the rest of his basketball days. Jeff Hornacek is an educated professional who has earned the respect of many.

The NBA and Hornacek
The NBA and Jeff Hornacek are a remarkable combination filled with memorable moments. He had one of the most engaging and highly productive seasons. This was from 1991 to 1992. He mesmerized fans and his team by leading the Suns. The excitement rose while his scoring average was 20.1. He even earned an All-Star rating for his overall performance. The Phoenix Suns were not without their early challenges. The first two seasons, with Hornacek on board, required constant polishing. His NBA career can include many more memorable moments that lead to victory and many grand improvements.

There are many moments in Horancek’s NBA career that could be noted as exceptional and above-average. These are moments in basketball history that will never be forgotten.

Statistics and Hornacek
The statistics speak volumes in terms of an amazing career. The stats do not lie. They are:
* assists; 5,281
* points; 15,659
* rebounds; 3,646
Impressive statistics that gained Jeff Hornacek much recognition. This would include his awards and the noteworthy highlight of a remarkable career.

An Amazing coaching record
Jeff Hornacek amazed fans while he played on the basketball courts. Every good player is deeply missed when they retire. Hornacek is no exception. His last season was 1999 to 2000. He had decided to retire in order to have more time with his family. Everyone said goodbye to the beloved No. 14 jersey. This retirement was from the Utah Jazz. This basketball story does not end at retirement. In the year 2007 he was back on the courts and had been hired by the Jazz. He was special assistant coach and was able to help players with their shooting objectives. Head coaching was in his future after his initial retirement. Include the following coaching opportunities in this extraordinary picture:
* Chicago Bulls
* Utah Jazz
* Phoenix Suns
* New York Knicks

The Phil Jackson Tenure at the Knicks

There has been a lot of talk about Phil Jackson joining the ranks. Yes, he has lots of championship rings to add to his collection. He has a reputation which is somewhat big, when compared to lots of other people. However, the idea of Phil joining the Knicks has received somewhat of a mixed reaction.

Some feel that he can do the job, hands down. Others feel that he is the wrong choice for the job. Why not see what some of the insider say. Below you will find a few recounts by industry insiders. These recounts will hopefully shed some light, on whether or not Phil is actually up for the job or not.


Okay, so yes, Phil Jackson did get booed the first night of the draft. This happened in Brooklyn, of all places. You know how Brooklyn feels about it’s basketball, especially the Knicks team. Well, after a bit of a difficult beginning, Phil took Jerian Grant and shaped him into something worthwhile.

Phil even got people like Aarron Afflalo and Courtney Lee to the team. These two are considered to be something of a legend in their own time. Now, if this isn’t a successful run as the president, we don’t know what is. Take a look at another legend he was able to scoop away. The Knicks were able to get Brandon Jennings. If any of you have followed Brandon in the past, then you know what a successful scoop this really is.


Now, on the flip-side, there are those who feel that Phil is can’t do the job. They also feel that is not doing the job he is supposed to. Let’s take a look at a some examples of why some people feel this way.

Some say that he has no executive experience and/or training in his arsenal. Before being hired straight-away to the Knicks, this bit of solid information was found. If you are going to be an executive, an executive for any team, you have to have some sort of training. It’s not enough to deal with things on the court. You have to deal with the books, the paperwork and things of this nature. Things that some say Phil has no experience in.

Secondly, his on-court production is about 49-115. Now some say it’s not fair to put all of this on him. After all, he did inherit the Isiah Thomas issue. Many are saying this is not his fault, or entirely his fault. He is, however, still largely to blame for all of this.

Then there was the Derek Fisher drama. You guys remember him? He is the one that came with all the Kardashian drama. Now some feel that Derek created his own drama with this. However, Phil is the one who took him on. Many feel that this places some of the blame on him, too, whether he likes it or not.

Lastly, when Jackson went on vacation, he hired a person who is equal to elevator music to take his place. looking at all of these examples, it’s easy to see why some feel that Phil Jackson is incapable, at least in part, to doing the job correctly.


Maybe he will work out. Maybe he won’t. Only time will tell what will happen with Phil Jackson as part of the Knicks. Everyone has their good and bad points. Phil Jackson is a person, just like everyone else. He can’t be blamed entirely for all his faults, when we all have our own faults to contend with. Maybe he will surprised everyone and do a great job.

Stay tuned!

2016-17 New York Knicks Predictions


When talking about the New York Knicks and the upcoming season, a person is left wondering why even bother as the team had a very bad season last year. There have been some serious off season moves that may be the saving grace for the team. One of these moves was hiring a new coach, along with picking up three new starters and nine players in total, the Knicks have a fighting chance to win at least 50 games this season and be a dominate force in the Eastern conference. Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah are a couple of the lights that will shine brightly for New York this season.

Derrick Rose
There is a lot that can be said about Derrick Rose. There are plenty of off court headlines, but on the court is where he seems to make the biggest impact. After playing one season for the University of Memphis, Rose was drafted by the Chicago Bulls where he spent all of his professional career until he was traded to the Knicks at the end of last season. Rose is looking to bring a powerhouse of talent to the team this is something that they have desperately been in need of for a long time. Averaging 19 points per game, Rose should be back on track now that his legal issues are behind him, he will be ready to bring his skills to the basketball court in his new home the New York Knicks.

Joakim Noah
Noah is another addition to the Knicks team that will bring a lot of experience to the team. There is one advantage as Noah and Rose have played together on the Bulls team and so they are used to one another method of playing. This will bring a lot of experience to the court and allow the Knicks to have power in the positions that matter the most. This was another huge pick up for the team as they have not been living up to the expectations that President Phil Jackson had in mind when he took over the team in 2014. The addition of Joakim Noah is being looked at as a good move to bring the team together as Jackson is hoping.

Jeff Hornacek
Not all of the moves that have been made with the Knicks team has been based on the players. The Knicks needed a new coach and they may have found that leader with Jeff Hornacek. This is a man that is no stranger to the world of the NBA as he spent some time as a player for various teams before he retired and became a head coach. Before being hired by the Knicks, he spent two and a half seasons with the Phoenix Suns before he was fired in the middle of the season last year. In his time with the Suns, he amassed a record of 101-112. while this may not put a lot of confidence in fans of the Knicks, the team still feels that he is the right man for the job to take the team to a playoff appearance.


The New York Kincks are a team that if they settle down and can find their groove, then they will easily be able to dominate the Eastern Conference and actually be a name in the NBA once again. There may be a little rust on some of the players as they feel things out trying to get their groove. Once this happens, though, there will be no reason why the team won’t be able to take on all challengers and actually turn things around. 2016 will be one of the best years that the team has had in recent years, thanks to some intelligent off season moves.

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